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Friday, August 2, 2013

Pokemon Black & White Theme Song


Shuru shuru me hota mushqil safar.
Hai kathin dost milna,
Aur pana sahi dagar.
Per namumkin ho aisa kuch bhi nahein.
Kyunki tum me hai taqat aur hosla.

Per hojaye koi bada ya chota.
Dil pehchaane acha aur kya bura.
Zaruri haar jeet nahi, per chun'na raah sahi.
Chalo safar pe nikle.


It's always hard,
When the journey begins.
Hard to find your way,
Hard to make new friends.
But there's nothing you can't do,
'Cause you've got the power inside of you.

It's not always black and white,
But your heart always knows what's right.
It's not about win or lose, it's the path you choose.
Let the journey begin,


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