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Jeene Ka Sahi Dhang (Doraemon) lyrics

Jeene ka sahi dhang,

Seekho tum iske sang,

Sare jamane,

Jaane pahchane,

Ye hai Doraemon,

Chahe bacche ya bade,

Sabka ye dulara hai,

Hai bada hi pyara Doraemon,

Doraemo..on, Doraemo..on,

Hai bada pyara,

Dost hamara,


Doraemo..on, Doraemo..on,

Lal, lala, lala, 
Lal, lala, lala,



  1. Replies
    1. Thank You Shivam.. Keep coming back.

    2. I love this song but my favourite song in Doraemon is the Nobita and three magical swords man theme song

  2. Oho thanks for the lyrics......lšŸ’œšŸ’›šŸ’ššŸ’™ u doraemon

  3. I love u doraemon , you are my friend since my childhood

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